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Farm to Table.

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** all priced PER POUND unless stated**


Sold out- Tenderloin
Sold out- Rib eye- $22
Sod out- Striploin- $22
Sold out- Sirloin Tip $16
Sold out- Sirloin $16
Sold out- Skirt $16
Sold out- Flank $12
Sold out- Eye of Round $10
Shank $8


Sold out- Sirloin Tip $15
Sold out- Short Rib $15
Sold out- Eye of Round $13
Sold out- Round Roast $13
Sold out- Rump Roast $13
Sold out- Shoulder $13
Sold out- Brisket $9


Sold out- Ground Beef $7.50

Sold out- Primal Ground $9

Sold out- Stewing Beef $8

Sold out- Bones- small bag $8

Sold out- Bones- large bag $12

Sold out- Burgers $13

-pack of 4-5 oz patties

Sold out- All beef sausage $13

-pack of 4

Plain, Garlic



Sold out- Heart $11
Liver $8
Sold out- Tongue whole $25
Sold out- Oxtail whole $15

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Pasture Raised Chicken

**all priced PER POUND unless stated**

Break Downs

Breasts- pack of 2 $12
Bone in Skin on Thighs-pack of 4 $8.50
Wings- 1 pound $8


Whole $6.50
Limited- Ground $11
Sausages $13
Honey Garlic
-pack of 4
Burgers $13
-pack of 4


Sold out- Heart $7.50
Liver $6.50

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Beef Packages

With ground beef sold out all packages are on hold

Package #1


1 Roast
2-4 Steaks
5lb Ground Beef

Package #2


1 Roast
4-6 Steaks
6lbs Ground Beef

Package #3


6lbs Ground Beef
2 All Beef Sausage Packages
2-4 Steaks

Package #4


12lbs Ground Beef

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Chicken Packages

Chicken Breasts

5 pounds- $57
10 pounds- $110

Bone-on Skin-on Thighs

5 pounds- $40
10 pounds- $78


5 packages- $60

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Kitchen Essentials

Coming Soon!

Some new products coming summer 2023

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Placing an Order

Once we receive your order, we will contact you with a total price as well as to arrange a date and time for order pickup. At this time, we accept cash or e-transfer for payment.

Thanks for reaching out. We’ll get back to you soon.

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