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About Us

Settled in 1822 by the Turnbull family, Rock View Farms was one of the original homesteads in the Town of Mono. After many generations of farmers in the late 1970's, the cattle and most of the farmland was sold as there was no one wanting to take over the farming operations. Although they are the 7th generation on the farm, this makes Mitch and Kate first generation farmers. In 2017 new fences, water lines and electrical were put in the barn. Equipment was also purchased in order to ensure feed could be provided for the animals during the harsh winter months. 

Bringing life back to a once thriving farm has been hard work, but one that will hopefully be passed on to the coming generations of the Turnbull Family.

About Us: Our Farm

Our Cattle

In 2017 we brought the first cattle back to the farm in 35 years. Through the last few years we have had different breeds but have settle on the Speckled Parks. We calve during the spring months on our barn pasture. In June we send our herd to the back summer pasture on the farm. Our yearlings then stay up at the barn to finish growing for our meat program. Along with dry hay, our cattle are fed a mix of oats & peas baleage, haylage as well as a grain ration, all which we grow and harvest ourselves. All our cattle are hormone, steroid and antibiotic free.

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Pasture Raised Chicken

Our chickens are fed a non-GMO feed as well as pastured on lush grass. Chickens grown on our farm are also hormone, steroid and antibiotic free. Brought to the farm in small batches throughout the season, they live in our brooder under heat lamps with lots of feed and fresh water until they are fully feathered; around 3-4 weeks. After that they are moved into our chicken tractors. These moveable coops provide shelter from any harsh weather as well as making it possible to provide them with fresh grass daily. This gives the chickens room to grow as well as move around and are raised in a more natural way. 

With raising chickens on pasture, this product is only available for a limited amount of time until the following season.

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Spices in Jars

Kitchen Staples

We currently carry beef and chicken stock. Made in small batches from our beef soup bones and chicken carcasses.

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